Shipping Method, Delivery Time and Return Policy

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About Free Shipping:

We offer free international shipping for all of the order placed by our customer, no minimum order amount required, however, depending on different order value, the shipping method and shipping time may vary.

Shipping Method and Shipping Time:

1) Unregistered Air Mail by Singapore Post, China Post or Other similar Post Service

  • This method is used for orders value less than $8
  • Tracking information is available for half way only, shows the pickup info and handling information in our post office but info in the destination country will not be available
  • Shipping time is between 15-45 days depending on different countries, it may take even longer (60 days) for some specific countries or region like Africa, South America, some region in Russia, Canada...
2) E-Packet or Registered Air Mail or Air Parcel Service
  • This method is used for orders value more than &8
  • The tracking information is available for the whole shipment including delivery information
  • Shipping time is between 12-30 days depending on different countries,As an example, E-packet usually take about 14 days to United States, 
  • And we also use some special shipping channel from our carrier, like UK, Germany or Italy, the shipping time usually take 7-10 days
  • However, There are some countries like Brazil, Mexica the shipping time will still need 30 days or longer
About our return and refund policy:
Please check this link for details of our general return policy.
There is an additional term that we DO NOT provide return or refund service for total order value less than $3, the unregistered air mail has a percentage of lost in shipment, usually it is at 10%, we recommend our customer to place an order over $3 for a full refund or return service guaranteed
If any question or problem in the shipping, please comment in this post or contact our customer service for details, thank you very much

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